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    Community Investment

    Our Community Investment Program is an opportunity to give back to the communities that are crucial to the success of our business, to act on relevant social issues and to contribute to programs our people are passionate about.

    Positive Relationships - Strong Families and Communities

    Research demonstrates a person’s ability to enjoy healthy sociability and high standards of wellbeing is dependent on solid mental and physical health, good social skills, quality relationships, positive parenting and strong communities. Deficits in these areas are the underlying causes of misuse of food and alcohol and also anti-social behaviour. Lion is proud to support two evidence-based community programs aiming to grow community resilience in all these areas:

    • Uplifting Australia

      Uplifting Australia works with parents and children to improve parenting skills along with knowledge and self-esteem and personal and social skills among kids.

      Its core program, ‘Camp Out With Kids’, offers parents and children the opportunity to spend a night camping together on the school oval and engage in a range of programs that strengthen the parent-child bond, celebrate the child’s unique talents and therefore their self-esteem and build empathy and communication skills. The program also includes a session for parents on positive parenting.

      For more information go to http://www.upliftingaustralia.org.au/


    • The Graeme Dingle Foundation

      The Graeme Dingle Foundation in New Zealand previously known as Foundation for Youth Development (FYD) offers a schools-based program for kids proven to improve their personal and social skills and self-esteem for many years to come.? Through Lion’s investment, the Graeme Dingle Foundation ?is expanding its Kiwi Can program to over 1,000 more kids in South East Auckland, improving their social connectedness, relationships, resilience, behaviours and academic attitudes and engagement.

      The targeted cluster of schools is located close to Lion’s lead brewery in New Zealand, The Pride in Tamaki. While Kiwi Can is a program for all kids, Tamaki experiences high levels of social deprivation and is a great opportunity to make a measurable difference.

      For more information go to?http://www.dinglefoundation.org.nz/