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    Supporting Better Choices

    We understand what makes our consumers tick. We know when, where and with whom they enjoy our products and they trust our brands. As a consequence industry should always be integral to efforts encouraging healthy eating and drinking.

    Encouraging Healthy Eating and Drinking

    We recognise that to play our role in encouraging healthy eating and drinking behaviour we need to build on the work we do to offer choice and better-for-you alternatives in our own product portfolio, by investing in long-term cultural change. Across Australia and New Zealand we partner with a number of organisations and initiatives aimed at providing consumers with the information they need to make good choices and to tackle the underlying causes of misuse, such as parental attitudes and peer norms. ??

    • DrinkWise

      Established in 2005 by Lion and its industry partners, DrinkWise Australia is an independent not-for-profit organisation aiming to make a real dent in alcohol misuse and underage drinking. Lion invests more than a million dollars annually to DrinkWise’s high profile campaigns including ‘Kids absorb your drinking’, which encourages strong parental role modeling, and ‘Drinking – Do it Properly,’ an innovative campaign which aims to make responsible drinking aspirational among 18-24 year olds.

      DrinkWise has also led the charge on health information labeling, including on drinking while pregnant, which we are rolling out across our packaging.


    • Cheers!

      In New Zealand, we are encouraging improvements in our drinking culture through the Cheers! campaign, a partnership across industry. Cheers! aims to help New Zealanders understand the drivers and effects of their drinking behavior and make smarter choices as a consequence.? Cheers! has enlisted Lion’s trusted brands to get the message through with a range of exciting initiatives like Steinlager’s?'Be the artist, not the canvas'?campaign.

    • Healthier Australia Commitment

      Lion is a proud founding member of the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s (AFGC) Healthier Australia Commitment, an industry partnership aiming to help Australians improve their health and wellbeing. Members are working together to reduce the combined intake of sodium, saturated fat and energy from our products in the diet of our consumers.

      Under the ‘Together Counts’ consumer campaign banner we are championing a practical message about energy balance – learning how food intake and physical activity can be perfectly matched. Program ambassador Susie O’Neill provides nutrition and physical activity tips, nutritious recipe ideas and a Healthy Balance Checker tool, which can help families learn more about how simple lifestyle changes can change their lives for the better.


      To read about all of Lion’s community investment partners click?here.