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    Sociability & Living Well

    Everything has a purpose – including businesses. At Lion, our core purpose is to enrich our world every day by championing sociability and helping people to live well.

    To us, this is more than just a statement – it’s our reason to come to work every day, and it guides the strategic decisions we make as a business. By living up to our core purpose, we believe we will build a sustainable and trusted business that delivers for all of our stakeholders.

    Humans are sociable animals. We need to feel connected. Research tells us those who enjoy more sociability report higher levels of wellbeing.

    Our products are the perfect accompaniment to life’s sociable moments. In fact, without family breakfasts, drinks at the pub with mates and barbeques at the beach, there would be no Lion.? We don’t take that for granted and we exist to make those moments that little bit more special.

    Enjoyed responsibly, all our products can help people to live well. Our dairy and juice products are packed with essential nutrients and have long been recognised as a key component of a healthy, balanced diet. We’re also increasingly innovating in better-for-you food and beverage options.

    Further, there’s solid evidence to suggest that light to moderate alcohol consumption can confer health benefits, particularly in respect of heart disease.

    • Supporting Better Choices

      We believe the reach of our brands means we can play a direct role in improving the food and beverage choices of Australians and New Zealanders. Through better-for-you innovation and broadening our product options, we aim to do just that.

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    • Get the Facts on Alcohol

      The real prize in tackling alcohol misuse is a whole-of-community effort to champion positive social behaviour and consumption, while ensuring people have the information they need to make good choices when they are drinking.

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    • Get the Facts on Dairy & Drinks

      Dairy, juice and plantmilks (such as soy) provide a wide variety of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for all ages and all stages of life, helping you maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

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    • Tips for Living Well

      Equip yourself for living well – learn how to read food labels, how our products stack up against school canteen criteria for your kids and discover a range of tools to help you better manage your diet and weight.

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