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    Alcohol Beverages

    Lion is New Zealand’s largest alcohol beverage company. Our focus is on the production, marketing, sales and distribution of beer, wine, spirits, cider and RTD products, as well as a range of non-alcohol beverages.


    As the largest brewer in New Zealand, we are proud to manage the country’s leading portfolio of beer brands with an abundance of quality and heritage.

    Lion produces and markets six of the country’s top 10 beer brands, including beers from Speight’s, Steinlager and Mac’s along with regional brands such as Waikato Draught and a growing range of craft and international beers including Emerson’s, Corona, Stella Artois and Guinness.


    In 1876 James Speight & Co founded the Speight’s Brewery and with it began a long and proud history of passion for quality, innovation and integrity that has connected with New Zealanders across the country ever since. You'll find the word ‘pride' printed on the Speight's Gold Medal ale label. It is that pride that defines Speight's and sets us apart from ordinary beer brands. We are proud to come from a mighty little country that's prepared to take on the best of the rest of the world.


      Steinlager was born from a challenge. In 1958, the infamous Black Budget cut beer imports and the challenge was put out to New Zealand brewers to produce a lager of international quality. The response was Steinlager Classic and, half a century on, with the addition of two more beers to the range, it is firmly established as New Zealand’s top-selling premium beer brand. Steinlager Classic was joined by Steinlager Pure in 2007 and Steinlager Mid in 2015, both offering more great reasons to seek out the brand.

        Lion Red

        Lion Red, the quintessential kiwi beer, began life as the Pale Ale from the Great Northern Brewery in 1907 – a great year for beer and an even better one for beer drinkers. Over the last century, Lion Red has become a favourite for celebrating great times with good mates.

          Lion Brown

          Lion Brown was first known as Imperial Draught Ale, before being nick named ‘The Brown Bomber’ by servicemen in the forties and later taking on that name in 1950. Established as Lion Brown from 1953, it was originally served only from the tap- a unique barrel shaped stand that became an icon in pubs around the country.

          • Lion Brown
            Waikato Draught

            Waikato Draught, the Spirit of Waikato, is a Real Beer first brewed in 1925. Waikato Draught has a strong malty flavour with a well-defined bitterness, a smooth and clean texture and a hoppy and spicy aroma. The robust ale flavours are a good match with hearty meat and potato meals.

              Black Ice

              This 5.2% beer has a distinctive spicy/ floral hop character. The unique ice brewing process removes grainy flavours to deliver a very smooth, easy drinking beer of unmatched refreshment.

              • Black Ice
                Lion Ice

                A clean, fresh and distinctive ice beer, Lion Ice is ice-brewed, a centuries-old German brewing method known as ‘Eisbock’. This special brewing process involves chilling the beer in ice chambers, causing crystals to form.

                • Lion Ice
                • Light Ice

                  Rheineck has a long, proud and very kiwi heritage. First brewed in the 1960s at the Waikato Breweries in Hamilton the beer was initially only available in that region before being distributed nationally. Rheineck was named after the Castle of Rheineck on the Rhine River in Germany.

                  • Rheineck
                    Regional favourites

                    Other regional brands available from the New Zealand beer portfolio include Canterbury Draught and Tasman Bitter