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    Our Brands

    At Lion nothing excites us more than great brands.

    And we’re lucky to manage many of the very best across Australia and New Zealand, some of which are more than 100 years old.

    These are brands that evoke history. Brands that shout quality. Brands that bring to life the craft of their maker. Brands that prompt memories of great times with family and friends. They are brands that command loyalty and truly earn their premium.

    Brands like these separate great consumer goods companies from the pack. They deliver a platform for innovation and a foundation for long-term, sustainable growth.

    We make it our mission to better our consumers’ experiences through a constant commitment to innovation, both via new products and finding new ways to take our existing portfolio to market.

    Championing healthy sociability and helping people to live well makes great business sense and Lion has long seen the commercial opportunities in offering healthier choices.

    In fact, Australia’s leading beer brand, XXXX Gold also happens to be mid-strength and most of our new innovations are brewed some distance below traditional ‘full-strength’. Equally, our Dairy & Drinks business has long seen the value of healthy innovation in Australia, creating leading products in modified milks like Dairy Farmers Heart Active, nutrient enriched yoghurts and juices and reformulated product choices with lower sugar, fat and salt.


    We take great pride in being a responsible marketer and abide by a broad range of global best practice self-regulatory codes, including:

    We require our marketing teams and external marketing agency partners to be trained in responsible marketing and we apply a range of additional Lion-specific standards, ensuring our marketing cannot in any way contribute to the problems of alcohol misuse, obesity or excessive consumption.

    Case Studies